A plugin has been developed to embed Fluid Player in WordPress blogs: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fluid-player/

Fluid Player can be easily embedded by using the custom [fluid-player] shortcode. The initial version accepts the following list of named parameters:

  • video: path to actual video to be used by the player. If no value is passed it will fall back to the plugin sample video.
  • vast_file: path to vast file (optional)
  • vtt_file: path to VTT file (optional)
  • vtt_sprite: path to VTT sprites file (optional)
  • layout: any of the following themes are provided with the player: default/funky/metal, if no value is passed it will fall back to ‘default’

Provided below is a generic example of how such a call would look like:

[fluid-player video="foo.mp4" vast_file="vast.xml"  vtt_file="thumbs.vtt" vtt_sprite="thumbs.jpg" layout="default"]

For more information visit the Wordpress hosted plugin page.